Accreditation and ranking

National and international accreditation


Accreditation in education is used for evaluation the quality of academic programs. Accreditation evaluation is carried out by special Accreditation bodies and assessment is done in accordance with certain criteria and requirements of accreditation evaluation that the educational institution should meet. 
In order to evaluate programs Accreditation agencies should be accredited in the associative bodies, which give them a right to accredit educational institutions. 

There are 2 kinds of accreditation:

- Accreditation of academic programs;

- Institutional accreditation.


Accreditation is not ranking or rating. It is the recognition of quality of programs which meet quality standards. Basically Accreditation Agencies of Europe and the USA are non public, noncommercial organizations where educational institutions apply on a voluntary basis.

At present need for institutional accreditation and accreditation of educational programs of Kazakhstani Universities at international agencies is reasoned by the fact that Kazakhstani HEIs should confirm the correspondence with quality standards established by international professional communities. It gives an opportunity to offer quality educational services in accordance with requirements of labor market. 

KNTU is realizing Program of International Accreditation and have 21 accredited academic programs in engineering education. The university cooperates with ABET, Accreditation Agency of US (, ASIIN, Accreditation Agency of Germany (, Accreditation Center of Association of Higher Engineering Education of Russia (http:// and other international agencies. 

At national level the university has successfully passed institutional accreditation at National Accreditation Center of Kazakhstan (, at international level – institutional evaluation at European Universities Association (EUA –