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Master of art sciences, specialty 6M042000- «Architecture»
Срок обучения:  2 года – научно-педагогическая
Training time:
2 years - scientific and pedagogical
Form of education:  Full-time

Scientific-pedagogical magistracy 
realizes educational programs of post-graduate training for higher system of postgraduate education and research sector, possessing profound scientific and pedagogical preparation in the field of architecture.
Graduate master's scientific and pedagogical direction must:
- Have fundamental scientific and vocational training, master modern information technologies, including methods of producing, processing and storage of scientific information;
- Be able to formulate and solve modern scientific and practical problems;
- Be able to plan and lead scientific/experimental research work in their chosen specialty;
- To teach in high schools;
- Successfully carry out research and administrative activity.
Master students in research and teaching areas of higher education institutions (professional and technical education) may engage in teaching activities, including the implementation of analytical developments relating to the educational process, drawing up standard and working training programs, educational developments, lecturing courses and practical exercises in the disciplines of architecture, art and others.
Graduates who successfully mastered educational master programs, prepared for doctoral studies.

Summary of the program:
The educational program in the specialty 6M042000 - "Architecture" was created on the basis of employers' request due to the growing demand for specialists who can design, implement and monitor the project work in the field of architecture and urban planning.

The main goals of graduate programs:
- Formation of basic professional competencies of future professionals;
- Create conditions for self-exploration and research activities of students;
- Ability to work with scientific and technical information;
- Ability to use domestic and foreign experience in professional activities, organize and summarize the information.
The ultimate goal of the educational program requires a clear focus on the future, which manifests itself in the possibility of building education in view of the success in personal and professional activities, satisfying the requirements of employers.