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The price for individuals:

850 000 KZT / 1 year

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The sphere of professional activity of 6M070100 - Biotechnology: software development and biotechnological processes in production of biotechnological products for various purposes; organization of application for biotechnological methods in industry, processing and environment.

Objects of professional activity - research institutes and universities of biotechnological, industrial and environmental profile; production and processing companies and laboratories; environmental services and organization.

The aim of the educational program is to:
- Preparation of masters - biotechnologists who have fundamental scientific knowledge in the field of natural science, familiar with the methodology of scientific creativity, capable to use methods of producing, processing, analysis and storage of scientific data, ready for research, teaching, design and production work.

The objectives are:
Providing  conditions for the preparation of the scientific and industrial personnel in fundamental and applied biotechnology;
- Providing conditions for the conduct of scientific research on the development of breakthrough biotechnology;
- Providing knowledge and skills to ensure that graduates being professionally relevant in the educational environment as well as in research and industry;
- Preparation of competitive qualified specialists of the new formation, are able to solve modern problems of fundamental and applied biotechnology and have general cultural universal (general scientific, social and personal, instrumental) and professional competence in accordance with the time requirements;
- Training for improvement of professionally significant qualities of the person (citizenship, patriotism, tolerance, adherence to humanistic ideals, understanding the social significance of the profession), striving for self-development and the disclosure of its creative potential, owning culture of thinking, capable of taking organizational decisions in different situations and willingness to take responsibilities;
- Increase the popularity of the brand among the real sector of the economy, government and government agencies through the establishment of programs for the effective employment of graduates and career support;
- The acquisition of competencies required for self-realization in the research and innovation activities relating to the choice of optimal methods of research, the modification of existing and development of new ways of creating an innovative product;
- The formation of personal qualities focused on a proactive stance, self-development and professional self-improvement;
- To achieve modern quality of education in line with the increasing demand of the employer to new competence and in connection with the introduction of modern IT- and biotechnology.

Our graduates will know:
- The competences needed for self-realization in the research and innovation activities relating to the selection of the necessary research methods
- Conception, strategy, sustainability issues and practical approaches to address them at the global, regional and local levels.

Our graduates will be able to:
- Use of the legislative, regulatory and legal documents relating to the professional activity;
- Use fundamental knowledge in basic sciences for cognitive and professional activity;
- Independently learn new scientific direction, and lay the foundations for a new scientific school in the future.
- Know state language and the language of international communication; have lexical and grammatical minimum knowledge in foreign language;
- Use basics of industrial relations and management principles according to the technical, financial, psychological and human factors;
- Work with software products, use advanced information technology, collect, process, analyse and storage of scientific and technical information;
- Working with key regulatory and reference documents and materials to solve problems in many economic sectors.