Computer Engineering and Software

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The price for individuals:

850 000 KZT / 1 year

The price for legal entities:

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Objectives of the educational program 6M070400 – "computer engineering and software":

– Development of students’ skills through research activities, critical thinking, development of vocational-oriented skills;

– conduct educational activities based on the best international scientific practice and the development of his brand of training;

– improving the quality of educational services on the basis of introduction of modern educational technologies;

– Intensification of work in creating an accessible IT infrastructure and development of innovation infrastructure to facilitate commercialization and effective implementation of modern scientific developments, contributing to the technological development of small businesses, promising startups and innovative small businesses;

– establishing partnerships with other universities, organizations, with the aim of improving the quality of education, technology implementation and integration into international scientific technical space to support the technical and cultural ties.


The professional competence of graduates of educational programs specialty 6M070400 - "Computer Engineering and Software":

- Knowledge of modern technologies in the field of computer hardware and software, and related fields;

- The ability to create and apply modern technologies in the field of computer hardware and software, to use teaching methods and pedagogical tools and software;

- The ability to draw up a program of scientific research;

- The ability to summarize and critically evaluate the results obtained by local and foreign researchers, to identify promising areas;

- The ability to build algorithms for the solution of the research problem and provide software and hardware implementation of solutions;

- Possession of skills to organize and research the subject area with the use of IT-technologies.