Enrichment of minerals

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The price for individuals:

850 000 KZT / 1 year

The price for legal entities:

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Enrichment of minerals - science and technology at the junction of the mining and metallurgical industry, which includes a set of methods and techniques of primary processing of minerals extracted from the depths, as a result of which there is a separation of minerals from the waste rock, as well as the mutual separation of minerals entering the metallurgical repartition.

Objects of professional activity - mining and processing and metallurgical enterprises associated with the processing of minerals and man-made materials.

The aim of the educational program is:

– formation of personnel for innovation economy on enrichment of minerals, including modern energy-saving technologies, project work, innovative solutions, high-tech enterprise in the field.

– formation of general scientific, social and personal, instrumental and professional competence in accordance with state standards, allow graduates to work successfully in their chosen field of activity, contributing to its social mobility and stability in the labor market.

– providing knowledge, skills and abilities in the following types of professional activity: production and processing; organizational management; research and development; project at the national and international levels.

– training of highly qualified personnel for engineering activities at the at mining and metallurgical enterprise, research organization or commercial entity, with the prospect of further professional growth.

The objectives of education graduate programs are:

-  the formation of social and humanitarian education based on the laws of socio-economic development of society, history, modern information technologies, state, foreign and Russian languages;

- mastery of knowledge of natural science, general technical and economic disciplines, as the foundation of vocational education;

- formation of theoretical knowledge in the mineral processing technology, production technology of heavy non-ferrous, light, precious and rare metals.

Our graduates will know:

 - the organizational structure of processing production;

- based on the comparison and evaluation of the production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals;

- construction of enrichment units and how they work;

  • designing of enrichment facilities;
  • methods of engineering calculation and decision-engineering and management decisions

Our graduates will be able to:

  • to allocate the program - target methods of analysis of the technical, technological, organizational, economic and social issues;
  • use of best industry, interdisciplinary and international experience.