Engineering systems and networks

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850 000 KZT / 1 year

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Engineering systems and networks - engineering maintenance of buildings and structures is an important system of life of the population and other areas. Engineering systems create comfortable living conditions, providing heat, gas, water and sewage waste diversion. Engineering systems also ensure the protection of water and air basin.

Objects of professional activity - installation and maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in various buildings, thermal energy, heat networks and gas supply systems, water supply systems and sanitation of residential areas and industrial plants.

The aim of the educational program is to:
- Creation of a system of preparation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel for the effective operation and management decisions of innovative technologies in the field of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, heating gas, water and sanitation, are able to solve the issues of improving society, economy, industry, science and the development of new technologies.
- Preparation of scientific-pedagogical personnel, providing intelligent personnel for the building and heat power industries. Who know how to design, build and operate the objects of civil, industrial and public utilities in the field of engineering systems and networks.
- Implementation of the educational process in accordance with the principles of international practice of training scientific-pedagogical personnel, competitive in today's job market.

The objectives of the educational master's program is to train local masters, competitive both domestically and on the international labor market:
Requirements to key competences of a student education program. To solve professional problems should be familiar with:
• to conduct scientific research on the chosen research topic together with the supervisor;
• participation in the drafting of plans and methodical research and development programs;
• implementation of complex experiments and observations;
• Processing, analyzing the results of experiments and observations;
• participation in the drafting of practical recommendations on the use of research and development results;
• preparation and protection of the master's thesis.

Our graduates will know:

• Building on the latest achievements of science, engineering and technology, methodology of scientific creativity, modern information technologies, methods of obtaining, processing and storage of scientific information;
• the purpose and objectives of the research and development, domestic and foreign information on this research and development;
• the possibilities of the mathematical apparatus for solving theoretical and applied problems of engineering and plumbing systems of buildings and structures;
• on modern mathematical and natural scientific research methods used in construction science;
• methods of automation research.

Our graduates will be able to:

• analyze and summarize scientific - technical information on a selected topic of research, exploring advanced domestic and foreign experience in solving scientific problems in engineering systems and networks.
• takes part in the research work on the profile of training;
• participates in the development - engineering development and subsequent commercialization of industrial plants;
• prepares reports (sections of the report) on the topic or section (step, task);
• participates in the practical realization and implementation of the results of research and development.