Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits

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"Geology and exploration of mineral deposits" – a сomplex of different special geological and other works produced for the purpose of research, discovery and preparation for industrial development of mineral deposits Geological works include the study of patterns and formation conditions, structural features, the material composition of mineral deposits for the purpose of forecasting, prospecting, establishment of the conditions of occurrence, preliminary and detailed exploration, geological and economic evaluation and preparation for commercial development.

Objects of professional activity - Earth and its shell; geological processes and geological systems, including deposits of various minerals; rocks and minerals; the groundwater; geophysical, geochemical and geothermal fields; technical means of studying the geological structure of the Earth and exploration of mineral deposits.

The aim of the educational program is:
- providing conditions for receiving full, quality professional education, and professional competence in the field of Geology and exploration of mineral deposits to receive:
- natural-scientific, mathematical, pedagogical and basic knowledge underlying the professional activity of the geologist;
- professional knowledge in the field of Geology;
- scientific knowledge in the field of methodology of geological knowledge and acquisition:
- practical experience and professional skills of the geologist;
- research thinking and creative abilities for the solution of geological problems;
communication abilities necessary to solve problems of Geology and exploration of mineral deposits.

Objectives of the educational program of studies is the development of the domestic masters, competitive both within the country and international labour market, integration of national master programs in the world educational space. To solve professional tasks, the master student:
• collects, processes, analyzes and summarizes scientific and technical information, advanced domestic and foreign experience in the field of Geology, engineering and technology mineral exploration;
• participates in fundamental and applied research to create new technologies development;
• prepares reports on a topic or section (phase, task);
• participates in the implementation of results of research and development.

Our graduates will know:
• current condition of the resource base of mineral raw materials;
• goals and tasks of geological service of the country in the field of introduction of new scientific solutions and technologies;
• achievements of science and technology, advanced domestic and foreign experience in the field of knowledge corresponding to the chosen direction of training;
• rational methods of search of scientific and technical information, patent search;
• methods of automation and computerization of research, design and experiment;
• modern research methods of natural or technical systems with the use of modern devices and equipment.

Our graduates will be able to:
• analyze geological materials in the study area and to identify geological and commercial types of mineralization expected on the complex forecasting and search of premises and signs;
• to draft and to professionally organize geological surveying, prospecting and exploration work;
• a complex study of potentially ore-bearing areas of the square and structure, to be geological, structural, placer, geochemical and metallogenic forecast of the card;
• to trace, to delineate mineral deposits, to assess their prognostic resources and reserves;
• identify the geological and economic value of the identified objects and the effectiveness of the search;