Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology

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850 000 KZT / 1 year

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Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology – Hydrogeology - the science of groundwater, studying their structure and properties, origin, conditions of formation, their interaction with rocks, surface waters and the atmosphere. It is a branch of applied geology and is closely related to hydrology, meteorology, geochemistry and other geosciences. Therefore, the objectives of the course include acquisition of the basic concepts of hydrogeology, the study of the laws of motion of underground water and the formation of their chemical composition, methods of field and laboratory hydrogeological studies, principles of development forecasts.


Objects of professional activity
-Project and exploration, production and process, expert and management in the field of subsoil use;
-Research and pedagogical on directions hydrogeological science and education;
-With the scientific and pedagogical preparation: research, a pedagogical, expert and management and organizational in the field of hydrogeology and engineering geology;

Preparation for professional and personal development of students contributes to the passage of postgraduate’s pedagogical and research practices, which is a significant contribution to the formation of social and professional competence.


The purpose of the educational program - "Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology" is give for postgraduates full and quality professional education in hydrogeology and engineer geology area, confirmation of the level of knowledge, skills and competences on the basis of established, the state obligatory standard criteria.
To achieve this purpose, postgraduates, according to the curriculum, are taught in two cycles of academic disciplines: basic disciplines (BD) and majors (M).
The main objectives of the educational program "Hydrogeology and Engineering Geology" are:
- About the scientific, philosophical and religious pictures of the creation; about the nature, purpose and meaning of human life; variety of forms of human knowledge; spiritual values in a creative and everyday life;
- About the processes and phenomena occurring in animate and inanimate nature; the possibilities of modern scientific methods of cognition of nature to solve professional and natural science problems;
- About the essence and social significance of their future profession, the meaning of the disciplines that define a particular area of their activities, relationship in a holistic system of knowledge;
- About the role of science in the development of civilization, the relationship between science and technology and the associated contemporary social and ethical issues, the value of scientific rationality;
- About the advanced knowledge of modern methods and means of experimental research, design and creation of applied products hydrogeological and engineering-geological works;
- About development trends in the field of technology transfer information.

Our graduates will know:
- The history of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
- The main varieties of information technology;
- The legislative and other normative materials concerning the organization of the hydrogeological and geotechnical industries.


Our graduates will be able to:
- To lead experimental research;
- To use normative and legal documents relating to the professional activity;
- To lead on a conversation, a dialogue on the state and foreign languages, using the speech etiquette rules, read the literature on the specialty without a dictionary to search for information, to translate texts with a dictionary, prepare annotations, abstracts and business letters in a foreign language;
- To use of cognitive and professional activity of the basic knowledge of the fundamental sciences;
- To apply methods for solving problems in the technique field and technology of the hydrogeological and geotechnical industries.
Have the skills:
- Own of the state language and the language of international communication; lexical and grammatical minimum of one foreign language;