Industrial engineering

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850 000 KZT / 1 year

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The purpose of EP 6M071200 - industrial engineering is to provide quality profile and scientific-pedagogical education in the field of engineering, training of specialists (masters), able to solve modern scientific problems of industrial engineering, to decide issues of design, creation and exploitation of new technological processes and machines.


The purpose of EP 6М071200 - Industrial engineering is:
 - for profile preparation: is to obtain a high-grade and high-quality professional education, professional competence, deepening the theoretical and practical individual training undergraduates in engineering, development of undergraduates knowledge, providing a holistic perception of the world picture, the training of specialists capable of formulating and practically solving the current practical problems of engineering production, successfully carry out production and management activity in machine building industries;
- for scientific and pedagogical preparation: is to obtain high-grade and high-quality scientific and pedagogical education, professional competence, deepening the theoretical and practical individual training undergraduates in engineering, development of undergraduates knowledge, providing a holistic perception of the world picture, the training of specialists capable of formulating and practically solve modern scientific and practical problems of engineering production, teaching in higher education, to successfully research management activities.

Learning outcomes are determined on the basis of the Dublin descriptors of the second level (Master) and are expressed in terms of competence. Learning outcomes are formulated both at the level of the entire program, and at the module level, a separate discipline.


The results of the educational program 6M071200 - Industrial engineering is the acquisition:
- Demonstrate the ability to develop knowledge and understanding obtained at the level of higher education, which are the basis for the original or the possibility of development or application of ideas, often in the context of scientific research in the field of industrial engineering;
- The development of the most important masters and sustainable knowledge;
- Ability to apply knowledge, understanding and ability to solve problems in new or unfamiliar situations in interdisciplinary fields related to industrial engineering;
- Ability to integrate acquired knowledge, to cope with the complexities and make judgments based on incomplete or limited information, taking into account ethical and social responsibility for the use of judgment and knowledge;
- The ability to clearly communicate their conclusions and the knowledge and support of specialists and non-specialists;
- The ability to continue learning on their own.


Requirements to key competences of graduates of scientific and pedagogical magistracy.
The master should be aware of:
-  current trends in the development of scientific knowledge;
- actual methodological and philosophical problems of natural Sciences;
- the contradictions and socio-economic impacts of globalization;

need to know:
- methodology of scientific knowledge; the principles and structure of organization of scientific activity;
psychological methods and means of improving the efficiency and quality of education;


to be able to:
- apply the obtained knowledge for the development and application of ideas in academic and professional activities;
- critically analyze existing concepts, theories and approaches to the study of processes and phenomena;
- to integrate the knowledge gained within different disciplines, to use them to solve analytical and management tasks in new unfamiliar conditions;
- creative thinking and creative approach to solving new problems and situations;
- to carry out information-analytical and information-bibliographic work with attraction of modern information technologies;
- to generalize the results of experimental research and analytical work in the form of a thesis, scientific publications in the form of articles or reports.
- to be competent in the field of scientific research methodology;
- in the field of scientific and scientific-pedagogical activities in higher educational institutions;
- in the implementation of research projects and studies in the professional field;
- how to ensure continuous updating of knowledge, extension of professional skills.


Database of internships for students under EP "Industrial engineering":
- JSC "Almaty heavy engineering plant"
- JSC "machine-building plant. S. M. Kirov"
- LLP "Almaty fan factory"
- LLP "Mastersklad"
- LLP "Tengizstroyservice Groups"
- International cooperation with Universities which provide for exchange of training programmes
- Ivanovo state chemical-technological University (Russia, city of Ivanovo);
- Moscow state technological University "STANKIN" (Russia, Moscow);
- "Physical-technical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus" (Belarus, Minsk);
- "ADEM" (Russia, Moscow);
- Uchrezhdeniya state educational of higher professional education "Siberian state automobile and highway Academy (SibADI)" (Russia, Novosibirsk).


Program benefits:
- training on Kazakh, Russian languages
- high quality of services
- diploma of one of the leading universities of Kazakhstan
- opportunity for career growth
- highly qualified teaching staff


Requirements for admission to master's degree programs.
In NAO KazNRTU named after K. I. Satpayev, the persons who have secondary General (secondary General), technical and vocational (primary and secondary vocational, post secondary), higher (higher professional) education.
Reception of citizens in a magistracy is carried out on a competitive basis by results of entrance examinations.
The magistracy accepted the citizens who have mastered professional training programs of higher education.
Rules of reception of citizens in the NAO KazNRTU named after K. I. Satpayev on specialties can be found on the website
Each year grants for applicants are provided.
You have a real chance of getting the GRANT in KazNRTU after Satpaev.