Information Security Systems

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The price for individuals:

850 000 KZT / 1 year

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Information Security Systems Program created by the junction of two directions: information technologies and technologies of information security. Experts design protection and security for enterprises to protect computer networks from all types of attacks, prevent leakage of confidential information. At the state level experts in the field of protection and security of information develop protection of strategic information for the country's defense and form a secret database.


Main advantages:
Experts specialty “Information security systems” have some advantages in comparison with specialists in related fields such as IS, CSSE and RET.
• The scope of the information security is growing rapidly, and therefore, the demand for specialists in this area will continue to grow for a long time.
• A wide range of knowledge required by law to organizational and technical issues, programming skills known programming languages and works with databases, such as C ++, Java, Oracle, MS SQLServer and other.
• Government, institutional and commercial structures not only the places where specialists of Information Security fields play main role. The vast majority of the role of specialist to organize protection of systems and to protect computer networks from all of the types of attack and hacking.


Objects of professional activity - nowadays most of organizations needs information security specialists


Program purposes:
Training of highly qualified specialists in the program of a magistracy capable to solve professional problems in the specialty and to realize these decisions, to apply knowledge, skills in professional activity and to constantly fill up them, to show deep understanding of features of a profession and its influence on the social sphere, science and education.


Program tasks:
•    forecast and modeling of information threats of computing systems and networks, assessment of risk levels;
•    scientifically based choice and realization of mathematical models of the phenomena, processes and systems of professional activity by computer aids;
•    choose of information technologies, software tools and computer aids at the organization of process of development and research of information security systems;
•    development and research of mathematical and program models of the computing and information processes connected with functioning of objects of professional activity;
•    participation in carrying out experimental and research works at certification of computing systems and networks taking into account standard requirements for information security;
•    assessment of expenses and results of activity of the organization in the field of ensuring information security and development of suggestions for improvement of a control system of information security;
•    adoption of administrative decisions in the sphere of professional activity;
•    development of projects of the standard and methodical materials regulating work on ensuring information security of computing systems and networks, and also provisions, instructions and other organizational and administrative documents in the sphere of professional activity;
•    carrying out monitoring and technical diagnostics of means of protection and assessment of efficiency of information security of the protected computer systems and networks.
•    Risk assessment of cyber-attacks and security threats.

Our graduates will know:
- Legal protection of information;
- Methods of cryptographic protection of information;
- Protection of voice and video information;
- Protection of information in banking technology.


Our graduates will be able to:
- Designing information security systems
- To manage information security system
- Accompany the information security system
- To test information security systems
- To exploit the information security system
- To provide software and hardware protection for all information systems.