Life safety and environmental protection

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850 000 KZT / 1 year

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Profile subject – Physics
The sphere of professional activity of specialty 6M073100 - "Life safety and environmental protection" is a field of science, technology and industry, which includes technology, tools and methods of human activity aimed at labor protection, human and environmental protection in emergency situations.


Objects of professional activity - businesses, organizations and other objects related to dangerous industry, safety and labor protection, protection in emergency situations.
The objective of EP 6M073100 - "LS&EP" is to produce sought-after specialists with relevant professional knowledge and practical skills in their levels, able to make decisions to eliminate and prevent adverse situations.


The objectives of the educational program of the specialty 6M073100 - "LS&EP" are:
- Development of multi-level training system of competitive specialists;
- Formation of ecologically awareness, cultural and socially-oriented generation, capable to analyze, predict and solve current environmental and associated social problems, to stimulate the rational use of natural resources, promote ecological awareness and education.


Educational objectives include both subject-specific and cross-curricular competencies:
Research: have knowledge in the field of life safety and environmental protection, skills and abilities to manage information, strive for continuous improvement of research culture;
Pedagogical: to know the basics of pedagogical skill, possess knowledge of innovative pedagogical technologies in teaching activities to be able to use all the modern achievements of science and techniques.


Our graduates (masters) will know:
- The basic provisions of the Constitution of RK, the legislative, regulatory and technical acts in the field of life safety, environmental protection and environmental management, protection in emergency situations;
- Principles of teaching;
- Methods for assessing technical-economical and ecological and economical efficiency of measures undertaken to ensure the life safety and environmental protection;
- Foundations of scientific researches in the field of labor protection, industrial ecology and life safety;
- Basic programming languages and framework standard software products focused on the decision problems in the life safety.


Our graduates will be able to:

- Use of the legislative, regulatory and legal documents relating to the professional activity;
- Carry on a conversation, a dialogue on the state and foreign languages, using the speech etiquette rules, read the literature on the specialty without a dictionary to search for information, to translate texts with a dictionary, make annotations, abstracts and business letters in a foreign language;

- Use of cognitive and professional activity related basic knowledge and fundamental sciences;
- Apply methods and innovative technologies for the use of geospatial data for solving problems in real-time;
- A graduate must independently learn new scientific direction, and lay the foundations for a new scientific school in the future.


Have the skills to:
- Command of the state language and the language of international communication; lexical and grammatical minimum of one foreign language;
- The basics of the production relations and management principles, taking into account the technical, financial, psychological and human factors;
- Work with software products, advanced information technology research, collection, processing, analysis and storage of scientific and technical information;
- Working with basic regulatory and reference documents and materials to ensure that the decision of tasks in many sectors of the economy.