Mathematical and Computer Modeling

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The price for individuals:

850 000 KZT / 1 year

The price for legal entities:

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Mathematical and Computer Modeling – Field of science and engineering that involves a set of mathematical methods, methods of constructing computer models of the processes and technologies.
Objects of professional activity – Scientific and research organizations,
telecommunication organizations, educational organizations, industrial production.

Aims of the program are:
– creation of system of training of scientific–pedagogical personnel for the effective functioning and management of innovation technologies in the field of mathematical and computer modeling, able to solve problems of improvement of society, economy, production, science and development of new technologies;
– creation of mathematical models of physical, natural, chemical, medical,
biological and economic processes using software on a high of level object-oriented languages, complex animation effects based on the synthesis of many areas of sciences and disciplines;
– training of scientific–pedagogical personnel in accordance with international standards;
– realization of educational process in accordance with the principles of international practice of training of scientific–pedagogical personnel of high qualification, competitive on modern labor market.

Master program requirements. To solve professional tasks, master student should be familiar with:
– the object of study, the structure of mathematical and computer models, the future forecasting, interaction modeling objects when creating a database;
– modern methods and means of carrying out scientific research in the field of modeling and forecasting, creating a software mathematical and computer models;
– trends of development of methods of mathematical and computer modeling in various fields of science and technology;
– modern information technology for the mathematical and computer modeling to make effective management decisions in an ever-changing world.

Our graduates will know:
– modern information technologies in the field of high-level programming and computer modeling;
– legislative and other normative materials concerning the modeling technology in various fields of science and engineering;
– the main organizational, administrative and economic principles of the decision of tasks of modeling and forecasting;

Our graduates will be able to:
– use the legislative, regulatory and legal documents relating to the professional activity;
– carry on a conversation - a dialogue on the state and foreign languages, using the speech etiquette rules, read the literature on the specialty without a dictionary, make annotations, abstracts, reports, and business letters in a foreign language;
– use in educational and professional activities basic knowledge and basic sciences;
– apply modern methods and innovative technologies for the creation of mathematical and computer models to solve various problems of engineering and technology;
– independently master new scientific field;
– use of the relations of production and management principles, taking into account the technical, financial, psychological and human factors;
– programming in high level languages, work with new modern software products to build and program a computer model;
– use modern and innovative mathematical methods and ways of modeling and forecasting;
– work with basic normative–legal and reference documents and materials, providing the decision of tasks in many sectors of the economy.