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850 000 KZT / 1 year

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«Mining» department prepares bachelors, masters and PhD doctoral  students   by three educational directions: «Shaft and underground construction», «Open pit mining» and «Underground mining». Perineal traditions and experience allow preparing high-demand specialists for mining enterprises of Kazakhstan. 
Activity of department is organized according to proclaimed mission, goals and aims, also strategic plan of KazNRTU after K.I.Satpayev development and directed to its implementation. 
Main purpose of EP 6М070700  – «Mining» is provision conditions for reception of full, quality professional education and professional competence, allowing graduates to conduct pedagogical and scientific-research work.  

Educational program of specialty 6M070700-«Mining»  contains:
- theoretical learning by three cycles:  general educational disciplines, basic disciplines, profile disciplines;
- final attestation, including governmental exam by specialty. Successful finishers of course of educational program are lead to the defense of dissertation for reception of academic degree. 

Master’s student of specialty 6М070700 «Mining» should solve following problems according to types of professional activity:
- in field of experimental-research activity:
▪ analysis of given problem of research in given field on base of selection and learning of reference and patent resources;
▪ diagnosis of condition and dynamics of objects of activity (materials, technological processes);
▪ learning of structure and features of exploding materials, their improvement and creation of new materials and technological processes of its production;
▪ construction of mathematical models, computer modelling for solving given problems; 
▪ conduct of calculations and researches during development of new materials and technologies in mining by given method with choice of modern technical equipment and computer processing of results;
- in field of calculation-project and analytical activity:
▪ forming problems and goals of project (program) during given criteria, goal oriented functions, limits, construction of structure of their intercconection , determining priorities of problem solving;
▪ development of projects of deposit mining considering mechanical, technological, exploitation, ergonomic, economic parameters;
▪ use of information technologies for choice of necessary materials and equipment during development and projecting of deposits;
- в области производственно-технологической деятельности:
▪ conduct of рhysical and experimental researches using modern methods of measuring and processing of results;
▪ implementation of technological processes of production, quality control;
▪ calculation of mining norms, technological norms of materials costs, instruments, choice of equipment, initial assessment of economic efficiency of work production;
▪ development of technical problems and regulations of exploding material production;
▪ effective use of materials and equipment, choice and calculation of parameters of technological processes;
▪ participation in works of teaching and learning technological processes during technological preparation;
- in field of service-exploitation activity:
▪ sustaining, test and utilization of equipment, systems and complexes related to professional activity;
─ in field of sustaining-repairing activity:
▪ conducting repair, set up and check of technologies in laboratory conditions and industry; 
- in field of organizational-management activity:
▪ participation in work organization of forming of creative characteristic of activity of industrial groups;
▪ development of plans of different types of works and control of its implementation, including provision of corresponding services of necessary technical documentation, materials and equipment;
▪ finding optimal solutions during conduct of works considering quality requirements, costs, terms, concurrent ability and safety of lifespan and reliability;
▪ technical supply and organization of working places;
▪ conduct of technical control of work; 
- in field of programming-control activity:
▪ construction of programs of control of technical processes during production of new technologies;
▪ use of computer technologies for geo-informational systems;
▪ informational supply of equipment and systems.
- in field of education-pedagogical activity:
▪ provision of quality transfer of knowledge and skills and ability to work with staff during their education.