Materials processing technology pressure

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The educational program 6M073800 - "Materials processing technology pressure" aimed at training undergraduates in the field of metal processing and non-metallic materials, as well as creating new ones, by acting on different materials deforming environments.

The main consumers of the program and stakeholders are: ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, mining industry and the military-industrial complex, state governments, higher and secondary educational institutions; research institutes and design organizations, firms of different ownership forms.

Masters can perform the following professional activities:
- Organizational and management; production and technology; settlement and design; installation and commissioning; research and development; teaching.

Basic goals:
 - Preparation of the graduate as a competitive specialist in the field of processing of materials, including by increasing the international dimension in the educational and research programs, the component in the area of advanced technology, performance and presentation of research results;
- The acquisition of skills to perform work on the improvement of traditional and development of new technologies for the processing of materials pressure, select the appropriate equipment and tooling, mathematical material forming process simulation.

Specialists who have received an academic Master's degree 6M073800 -Technology obrabotki material pressure must be aware of the changing state of materials in the processing pressure, their transition to the formation of nano-materials due to the synthesis and activation of materials at the micro- and nano levels. The impact of different load types: pulse, shearing, radiation, etc.

For lectures and master consultations annually invited foreign scientists of leading universities in Japan, Germany, Sweden, Portugal, the US and Russian national research universities, where "material handling technology pressure enrolled in an educational program may obtain additional knowledge and advice in areas of their training, as well as increase the level of knowledge of the English language.