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The educational program "6M073900 - Petrochemicals" Scientific and pedagogical training (2 years) is accredited by the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAE) for a period of 5 years until 19.06.2021, at the certificate №AB0939 from 20.06.2016.

The aim of the program: preparation of the graduate as a competitive specialist in the field of petrochemical and chemical refining technology of oil and gas, including by increasing the international dimension in educational research programs, competent in the field of advanced methods and knowledge about synthesis and production of the most important types of organic substances (acids, salts, aromatic compounds, etc.), monomers and polymers, with a predominance of practical skills in competencies, capable to performing professional duties in one or more activities.

The content of the educational program: Educational Magistracy program provides for the possibility of in-depth study of special disciplines and disciplines with scientific and pedagogical contents, which provide a high level of professional training.

The main criterion of the educational process completion is the masters development of the necessary volume theoretical study course, full implementation of the working and individual curriculum in accordance with the requirements of SOSE: development of at least 46 credits of theoretical training course; the passage of scientific-pedagogical and research practice; passing an examination by the specialty; preparation and defense of the master's thesis. Studying is carried out on full-time training, both for the government grant, and for a fee by credit technology.

Masters in the specialty "6M073900 - Petrochemicals" has main competencies in the field of the decision of organization - industrial problems in the implementation of innovative projects, prepared for the development of plans and programs of the innovative activity organization at the enterprise throughout the innovation cycle "fundamental research work - SRW - of new products production", owns modern techniques and methods of work with the staff and methods of the innovative groups creation.

In case of successful development of the educational program "6M073900 - Petrochemicals" the graduates are awarded the academic degree "Master of technical sciences in specialty petrochemicals".

Career prospects:

Masters gets a higher quality (level) education, that gives him in compared to bachelor additional opportunities in the field of the professional activities, including the right to individual projects, to take the necessary decisions in the course of scientific research and industrial activities of the enterprise, and so on. The graduate of the research - pedagogic magistracy, in addition, prepared for the successful implementation of education (pedagogic) activities.

The graduates of this specialty after two-level education completion occupy a leading engineering positions on the oil and gas refining factories, oil bases, scientific institutes, expert laboratories, combined engineering enterprises, indicating about the demand and competitiveness of graduates of the specialty on the labor market.