Project management

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850 000 KZT / 1 year

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Project management is the independent area uniting all difficult complex of questions on management of various functional fields of knowledge of the project (contents of the project, terms, cost, risks, purchases, communications, concerned parties, etc.). Methods of management of projects are applied today not only in traditional areas, such as large complex projects, a construction and engineering, project-oriented production, highly competitive, high-tech industries, but also practically in all industries to management of activities for development of the entities, by creative projects in mass media, political and social projects.


Objects of professional activity - production, project, research, pedagogical and managerial activities using methods and management tools projects.


The purpose of the 6M051800 – Project management master degree program is to train  master’s students in the field of project management, capable to manage various projects, to realize the professional knowledge, skills and capabilities in the state and private sectors, the public and research organizations.  


The main objectives of the 6M051800 "Project management" master degree program

 – profound theoretical and practical preparation in the chosen direction of science and pedagogical activities;

– development of a capability to self-improvement and self-development, requirement and skills of independent creative mastering new knowledge during all their active activity;

– training of specialists with the high level of professional culture, including cultures of professional communication, having a civic stand, capable to formulate and solve modern scientific and practical problems, to teach in higher education institutions, to successfully perform a research and management activity;

– acquisition of skills of the organization and carrying out scientific research, receipt of a necessary backlog for continuation of scientific work in doctoral studies;

– knowledge acquisition in the field of high school pedagogics and psychology, and experience of teaching in higher education institution;

– training in project management and application in standards in the field of management of projects.

Requirements to core competencies of the master’s degree program.


To solve professional tasks master’s student shall:

know about the current state and tendencies of development of technology and technology, about bases of scientific and pedagogical activities in subject domain and adjacent areas; about modern practice of project management.

To know: modern achievements in the field of information technologies, methodology of scientific research in subject domain, the main types and classification of project management, methods of management: projects, programs, portfolios, risks, changes, communications; methods of handling and submission of professionally significant information, form and methods of pedagogical activities;

To be able:  to formulate innovative tasks and to apply methods and management tools projects to their implementation, to estimate quality of a project management system, to perform efficiency analysis of business processes, to use software products for accomplishment of tasks of project management, to bring results of scientific research to practical application, to perform pedagogical activities; to develop recommendations about increase in efficiency of corporate management by projects;

to have skills: project management and portfolio construction of projects, the profound analysis of business processes, it is scientific - pedagogical activities, independent research work, examination and consulting in subject domain;

to be competent in:  solution of complex professional challenges in project planning and the main design stages, in the organization of management of works, resources, team, communications for the project, in methodology of development and deployment of innovative projects in various areas, including the sphere of scientific and pedagogical activities.