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Educational program 6M073200 - "Standardization, Metrology and Certification (by industry)" is focused on the training of masters in the field of establishing, implementing and monitoring the implementation of rules, regulations and requirements for products (services), process (work) and the system of development, manufacture, the use (consumption) and metrological provision aimed at high quality and safety of products and services, high economic efficiency for producers and consumers.

A feature of the educational program in areas of training in EP "Standardization, Metrology and Certification (by industry)" are:

- Orientation in the development, implementation and evaluation of educational programs in the competence of graduates as the learning outcomes;

- The use of the ECTS credit system (credit units) to assess the competencies to ensure their achievement;

- Based on international standards ISO 9001 :, 14000.

The objectives of EP "Standardization, Metrology and Certification (by industry)":

- Provide training of masters who know the methods and principles of standardization, metrology and certification of software products (services) and processes (works).

- Promote the acquisition of practical skills, use of measuring and test equipment for quality control and metrology software products.

- To form students' teamwork skills, productive and ethical responsibility, ability to work and communicate with a variety of specialists and the need to improve their knowledge and skills

- To prepare graduates for professional work through the disciplines that provide fundamental knowledge and skills to work in educational institutions, in government, in the field of technical regulation and metrology


The sphere of professional activity of Master graduate by speciality 6M073200 - "Standardization, Metrology and Certification" (by industry) is:

the establishment, implementation and monitoring of the rules, regulations and requirements for the product (service), process and system, their development, application and metrological provision aimed at high quality and safety of products and services, high economic efficiency for producers and consumers.

The objects of professional activity of graduates are:

- Governments, businesses, state and non-state ownership organizations that are directly related to the products (services), processes, equipment companies and testing laboratories, the methods and means of measurement, testing and monitoring, regulatory documentation, system standardization, certification and quality management, metrology providing industrial and environmental performance, design, construction and operation of the measuring equipment.


Competency requirements for a master of EP 6M073200 - "Standardization, Metrology and Certification":

Have an idea:

- About the latest discoveries in the field of standardization, metrology and certification, the prospects for their use in the construction of technical systems and devices;

- About mathematical and physical modeling in the field of standardization systems, certification, metrology, on the design and engineering, invention, innovation in the field of standardization, metrology and certification;

To know:

- The legislation of Kazakhstan, decisions and orders of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the issues of standardization, metrology and certification

- Directions and the basic principles of international cooperation in the field of standardization, certification and metrology;

- International, regional, foreign practice works on standardization, metrology and certification;

- Basic requirements for regulatory and normative-technical documentation, products and processes

To be able to:

- Formulate and solve problems arising in the course of professional activity, to choose appropriate research methods, processing the results;

- Own system of skills and knowledge, providing acquisition, development, improvement and activation abilities and qualities

- Use of foreign languages ​​to the extent necessary to carry out professional activities


After graduating the specialty 6M073200 - "Standardization, Metrology and Certification" Masters are able to find employment in all industries that require specialists in product quality management services, standardization, certification and metrology, for example:

- Research, design and technological, organizational and managerial organizations

- Accredited testing laboratories

- In test centers

- In the product and services certification bodies

- Republican Institute "Standardization, Certification and Metrology"

- On equipment for assembly plants for the oil and gas industry

- In the agricultural sector

- In the processing industry (light industry, food, construction)

- In the police service for measuring instruments

- In the trade sector

- In the transport sector

- In the railway industry

- In automotive and many others spheres


The structure of training in the specialty 6M073200 - "Standardization, Metrology and Certification" consists of the following disciplines: "Organization and planning of research and innovation", "Standardization and Certification System", "Quality Management System", "Certification test", "Pedagogical practice " and etc.


Base of production practices are held at the following organizations and companies:

- Center "Standardization, Metrology and Certification"

-RSE "National center of examination of medicines, medical devices and medical equipment" of the Republic of Kazakhstan

-TOO "Caspian CC"

-National Expertise and certification center in Almaty,

- JSC "Almaty Heavy Machine Building Plant"

- JSC "Machine-Building Plant named after S. Kirov"

- JSC "Almaty fan factory"

- "Alatau", JSC "Almaty Logistic ortalygy" and other profiling of the enterprise.


International cooperation with universities which provides exchange programs:

Advantages of the program:

- Training in the Kazakh and Russian languages

- High quality of services

- The diploma of one of the leading universities of Kazakhstan

- Oportunity for career growth

- Highly qualified teaching staff