Technical Physics

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The price for individuals:

850 000 KZT / 1 year

The price for legal entities:

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Objects of professional activity
Scientific and industrial organizations, research institutes associated with different areas of technical physics, pedagogical activity.


The aim of the Master educational program is the:
- Fundamental training of students, to successfully solve actual engineering and scientific problems in various fields of technical physics, such as nanotechnology, space and nuclear industries;
- Facilitating the career development of students who have successfully mastered the master's program in academic, scientific and industrial organizations and institutions engaged in the solution of actual problems of technical physics, through the development of their professional liability, the ability to self-learn and improve skills for life.


The problem of the Master educational program is the:
- Preparation of professional competence in the field of technical physics experts, corresponding to all the principles of the Bologna Declaration in demand in today's job market.


Our graduates will know:
- Fundamental physical concepts, principles and laws;
- Methods of mathematical modeling of physical processes;
- At least one foreign language at a professional level, allowing to carry out scientific research and practical activities;
- Implement the necessary full-scale or computational experiments, analyze and present in the required form the results and draw conclusions.


Our graduates will be able to:
- Solve the standard scientific and professional tasks;
- Plan and carry out the necessary experiments, interpret and summarize findings;
- Collect and processing, analyze and systematize of literature and other scientific and technical information, achievements of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of Technical Physics;
- Conduct a literature review of unsolved problems independently formulate scientific problems of technical and applied research, to find methods of solving tasks;
- Generalize the results of experimental research and analysis in the form of a master's thesis, articles and reports.