How to apply

For admission to PhD KazNRTUafter K. I. Satpayev, you must:

I.  Collect the list of required documents:

1. A statement addressed to the rector

2. Applicant’s CV

3. A copy of the identity card

4. Motivation letter

5. Approval of the scientific adviser, certified by the seal of the workplace

6. Notarized copies of diplomas with addendums and/or diploma of candidate of Sciences

7. Copies of documents certifying study in other educational institutions, courses, graduate schools, etc.

8. List of publications; copies of certificates, letters, diplomas, etc., if available (do not encloseproceedings)

9. A copy of the English testcertificate (IELTS – 6.0 or above, TOEFL – 560 or above)

10. Author's abstract

11. Medical certificate form # 086-U. In case of disability, to encloseof the established sample.

12. Personal form of accounting personnel and notarized copy of employment record (for employed persons), also extract from pension Fundfor the period of work.

13. Six photos of size 3x4.

14. The inventory of documents.

All documents should filed in a folder, sheets need to be numbered and entered in the inventory of documents. The title page should contain:

1. Full name of applicant

2. Name of Institute and Department

3. The cipher and name of the educational program

4. Home address, area code, telephone, cell phone, e-mail address

5. Year of admission


When applying, you must present the receipt of payment for testing in a foreign language. Payment can made at any branch of Khalyk Bank or Kazpost.



State enterprise "National testing center"

010011, Astana, 60, Zhenis Av,

TRN 600300086081

BIN 000140001853

KIC KZ536010111000001515


JSC "Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan


II. To pass entrance examinations:

  • On special discipline
  • In a foreign language.

Documents for admission accepted in AdmissionsCommitteeKazNRTUafter K. I. Satpayev(Management institutes) at the address: Almaty, Satpayev Street, 22. From 1st to 30thof July.



Admission to doctoral studies made on a competitive basis by results of entrance examinations.

Exam of foreign language (English) might be in the form of testing. The exam is conducted by the National Center for state education standards and testing of MES of Republic of Kazakhstan. For admission to the exam in a foreign language, you must obtain a Pass in the Admissions office. You should have ID.

Exam on special discipline can be in verbal/written form in Russian/Kazakh languages.

Foreign citizens entering the doctoral program take entrance exams:

- In Kazakh or Russian language (language learning)

- On special discipline.

Documents providing in foreign language must have notarized translation into Kazakh or Russian languages. Documents presented by foreign nationals must be nostrificated in the Department of higher and postgraduate education of the Ministry of education and science of Kazakhstan.