Computer Engineering and Softwareb

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The goals of the educational program 6D070400 – "computer engineering and software" are:

– The deepening and extension of fundamental knowledge, abilities and practical skills required in research and teaching activities with the use of modern achievements in the field of IT-technologies;

– The ability of the PhD-doctoral students to independently formulate and solve scientific problems;

-The involvement of PhD-doctoral candidates to the invention in the field of IT-technologies;

– Introduction in educational process of research results;

– Systematic involvement of PhD-doctoral students in professional competitions and scientific research projects of the Department, University, and abroad;

– the development of scientific research and development of mobile and multimedia technologies, nano - and space technologies, robotics.


Objectives of the educational program 6D070400 – "computer engineering and software":

– The development of doctoral students through research activities, critical thinking, development of vocational-oriented skills;

– tracking the priorities in the field of strategic and information technologies in scientific research;

– Preparation of a competitive new generation of IT professionals to market science and labor;

– conduct educational activities based on advanced scientific world practice;

– improving the quality of Patriotic, international, political, legal, esthetic education, formation of healthy lifestyle on the basis of the educational work;

– improving the quality of educational services aimed at developing an innovative approach to solving scientific problems.


Key competences possessed by graduates of the educational program of a specialty 6D070400 - "Computers and Software", is the ability to:

- Independently identify and solve scientific problems of the industry;

- Demonstrate the possession of knowledge and skills in the field of software, as well as having professional qualities necessary to work in the field of IT-technologies;

- Focus on private developments in the achievements of computer technology and telecommunications;

- Demonstrate an understanding of and ability to use of modern theories, models, methods and tools, software packages, meeting the requirements of IT-companies;

- To study and implement modern models, methods and technologies as they become available, as well as to recognize the need for continuous professional development.