Chemical technology of organic substances

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Educational program «6D072100 - Chemical technology of organic substances" is accredited by the Independent Kazakhstan Quality Assurance Agency in Education (IQAE) for a period of 5 years until 19.06.2021, at the certificate №AB0939 from 20.06.2016.

The aim of the program: Preparation of the highly qualified specialists with fundamental educational, methodological and research training in the field of chemical technology of organic substances, competitive within the country, as well as international job market.      

Tasks of the program are: harmonization of technology for training of the scientific -pedagogical highly qualified staff by international standards, as well as advancing issues of scientific, methodological, legal, financial and economic, personnel and logistics; implementation of the educational process in accordance with the principles of international practice of training scientific-pedagogical highly qualified staff, to ensure the implementation of independent original research, characterized by considerable relevance and practical significance.

The content of the educational program: The educational program of PhD Doctoral studies assumes profound studying of English, disciplines of specialization which provide high professional standard of experts, profound preparation by the subject of a dissertation research, cross-disciplinary preparation, formation of teaching skills in high school. The program also consist from teaching students as an obligatory component and conducting a research work. For the development of the educational component of the doctoral studies program and / or carrying out of research conducts, the doctorant should spend training in foreign institutions of education and science for a period of at least six months for the entire period of study.

The main criterion of the educational process completion is the PhD student development of the necessary volume theoretical study course, full implementation of the working and individual curriculum in accordance with the requirements of SOSE: development of at least 75 credits, including 15 credits of theoretical training course; the passage of pedagogical practice and scientific-research work, passing an examination by the specialty. Studying is carried out on full-time training, by the government grant, and credit technology.           

In case of successful development of the educational program of PhD Doctoral studies and doctoral thesis defense the graduates are awarded the scientific degree "Philosophy Doctor (PhD) in specialty 6D072100 - Chemical technology of organic substances", regardless of the period of study.

Career prospects:

Dr. PhD in the specialty «6D072100 - Chemical technology of organic substances" has main competencies in the field of modern technologies for the synthesis and production of organic substances, including methods of synthesis, processing and storage of scientific information, able to formulate and solve modern scientific and practical problems, organize and conduct scientific research, experimental research and management activities in the field of chemical technology of organic substances.

Objects of the professional activity of PhD graduates are the most advanced positions in higher and specialized secondary educational institutions of the state and the private sector, scientific-research institutes, scientific-industrial centers for the production of organic substances and materials, domestic and foreign enterprises of chemical, petrochemical, gas and coal profiles.