Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits

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Objects of professional activity are geological organizations, mining companies, objects related to the exploration, the search for mineral deposits, subsoil use, extraction and processing of minerals and the use of underground space.

Aims of the program are creation of a system of preparation of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel for the effective functioning of management and innovative technology solutions in the field of prospecting and exploration of mineral resources, able to solve the issues of improving society, economy, industry, science and the development of new technologies;
- the creation of the management process of the digital description, based on the synthesis of many areas of sciences and disciplines to address global challenges with the use of geospatial technology and innovation, training of scientific
- pedagogical personnel in accordance with international standards, providing intelligent systems rational use of mineral resources based on GIS technologies in all sectors of the economy;
- implementation of the educational process in accordance with the principles of international practice of training scientific-pedagogical personnel, competitive in today's job market.


Objectives of the program are preparation competitive specialists corresponding to modern requirements and demands of the market exploration industry, able to use modern materials and technologies, innovative methods in the design and organization in geology, prospecting and exploration of mineral deposits, the integration of national doctoral programs in the world educational space.


Requirements to key competences are solve professional problems:
- on the state and the laws of science, technology and innovation of geological works;
- technology for the task to implement the clear answers unpredictable phenomena and global processes;
 - on good knowledge of modern methods and means of experimental research, design and creation of applied geological exploration products;
- on trends in geospatial technology in the field of geology;
- use of intelligent GIS, 3D laser scanning and technologies that allow for effective management decisions in an ever-changing world.


Our graduates will know:
- Methods of study and analysis of the composition and properties of geological bodies and minerals in the bowels;
- Methodological bases of all types of geological survey, prospecting and exploration works with the use of remote sensing, drilling, mining, geophysical, geochemical and laboratory studies;
- The practical application of different types of geological maps for forecasting and prospecting of mineral resources;
- The basis of economic theory, economics and organization of geological exploration work in modern conditions;
- The legal framework of subsoil use, on labor, environmental legislation, life safety during geological works.


Our graduates will be able to:
- use of regulatory and legal documents relating to the professional activity;
- uarry on a conversation, a dialogue on the state and foreign languages, using the speech etiquette rules, read the literature on the specialty without a dictionary to search for information, to translate texts, make annotations, abstracts and business letters in a foreign language;
- use of cognitive and professional activity of the basic knowledge of the fundamental sciences;
- apply methods for solving problems in the field of engineering and technology exploration industry.
- analyze the composition and properties of geological bodies and minerals in the bowels.