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Metallurgy - science and technology area which includes the processes for obtaining metals from ores or other materials, and processes associated with changes of chemical composition, structure and properties of metal alloys.

Metallurgy include:

• Metal production from natural raw materials, and other metal products;

• obtaining alloys;

• processing of metals in hot and cold;

• application of coatings to metals;

• Materials area, which studies the physical and chemical behavior of metals, intermetallic compounds and alloys.

Objects of professional activity – metallurgical enterprises, factories, mining and metallurgical complex, design organizations, research centers, metallurgical research centers, chemical industry, research organizations, universities.Technological processes and equipment for the processing of mineral and technogenic raw materials, production and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and products from them;processes and devices for energy and resource saving and environmental protection in the implementation of technological operations;research processes, materials, products and devices; designs, materials, methods, equipment, installation, technical and regulatory documentation, quality management system, the mathematical model; production and design research divisions.

The aim of the educational program is:

– formation of personnel for innovation economy on metallurgy, including modern energy-saving technologies, project work, innovative solutions, high-tech enterprise in the field.

– formation of general scientific, social and personal, instrumental and professional competence in accordance with state standards, allow graduates to work successfully in their chosen field of activity, contributing to its social mobility and stability in the labor market.

– providing knowledge, skills and abilities in the following types of professional activity: production and processing; organizational management; research and development; project at the national and international levels.

– training of highly qualified personnel for engineering activities at the metallurgical enterprise, research organization or commercial entity, with the prospect of further professional growth.

The objectives of the educational program are PhD:

- Training of professionals of analytical, advisory and research activities;

- Conducting independent SRW, research and development, all project activities in the field of metallurgy; compliance with international engineering skills;

- Training for the implementation of educational activities in high schools in the steel profile;

- Retraining and advanced training of specialists and executives of non-ferrous metals;

- The acquisition of knowledge on nanotechnologies, technologies that meet the requirements of a "green economy" in the industry, best practices for physical and chemical analyzes, the software operating in the calculation of various metals, thermodynamic and kinetic systems, obtaining products for special purposes; development of design solutions.

- Operating time of personal science-metrics of the student;

- Study tour.

Our graduates will know:

fundamentals of the specialty, the existing industry requirements, principles of scientific programs to address the fundamental problems of modern industry, using information technology and best practices of industrialized countries;

of fundamental and applied problems in the field of metallurgy, technologies for the production of metals;

legislative and other normative materials concerning the organization of the steel industry;

on major economic and organizational principles of design in the steel industry.

Our graduates will be able to perform:

Scientific and research activities.

Production and technological activity in the mining and metallurgical sector.

Organizational and administrative activity in the mining and metallurgical sector.

Settlement and project activities in the mining and metallurgical sector.

Service-operational activities in the mining and metallurgical sector.

Installation and commissioning activities in the mining and metallurgical sector.

Stepwise scientific work from idea to research and development and commercialization of the project.

The development of energy-intensive technological schemes for the processing of mineral and technogenic raw materials, creation of devices and processes required to implement the processes that provide energy-and resource-saving.

Use industry best, interdisciplinary and international experience.

Innovative activity in the field of metallurgy.

Competencein the field of intellectual property protection