Project management

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"Project management" is specific and cross-disciplinary, is directed to development of new technological approaches and technologies of project management in questions of enhancement of project implementation in all spheres of activity.

Objects of professional activity

- research organizations;

- institutions of higher education;

- project organizations;

- expert and consulting companies;

- companies and firms;

 - the state bodies which are carrying out various projects;

- departments of project management, offices of project management;

The purpose of the educational program is preparation scientific, the research and educational personnel of a new formation capable to resolve issues of enhancement of society, economy, production, science and development of the new technologies of project management capable qualitatively to carry out modern projects according to standards of project management.


Tasks of the PhD program 6D051800 are:

- development of mathematical methods and models, statistical methods in project management, production management and management of production projects;

- forming of theoretical knowledge, practical skills and abilities in management process and the organization of modern business;

- acquisition of experience and skills of project management in solutions of urgent tasks of the state, business and separate fields of activity;

- forming of a new project management methodology, ensuring success of the carried-out projects due to use of tools of group of processes of project management;

- forming of skills of project management, portfolios and programs of projects, forming of offices of management of projects, managements of the international and state projects.

Tasks of the educational program of doctoral studies are directed to training of domestic doctors of PhD, competitive as within the country, so in the international market of work in the sphere of project management.

Requirements to core competencies of the Ph.D. candidate of the educational program.


For the solution of professional tasks the Ph.D. candidate shall:

To have an idea: about conducting pilot studies of use of tools and methods of project management in the considered subject domains; about application of planning methods of experiments and statistical data processing, and also methods of mathematical modeling of processes in project management.

Nobility: project management frameworks and technology of management on the basis of the balanced scorecard.

To be able: to use a range of tools and methods of project management in the activities, to carry out assessment of a technological maturity of the company and to constitute the business plan of its development.

To have skills: conducting research and pedagogical activities, project management in various spheres according to standards unitary enterprise.

To be competent: in professional activity of project management.