Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications

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The mission of 6D071900 educational program "Radio Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications" are:

- Preparation of a new generation competitive technical experts in the field of radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications for the labor market;

- Carrying out of research work, conducting educational activities based on international best practice and the development of their brand of training specialists in the field of radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications;

- Development of additional educational and training programs with the use of multimedia, new teaching technologies for training on the principle of learning throughout life;

- The establishment of partnerships with other universities and organizations in order to improve the quality of education, to support the technical and cultural ties. The provision of qualitative growth of human capital in the region in the field of radio engineering, electronics and telecommunications, through the development of innovative, scientific and educational environment and training of highly qualified personnel according to the market needs of high personal and professional competences.


The aim of the educational program is to train highly qualified professionals through the development of education and science for the training of scientific, scientific and pedagogical staff of the new formation, which are able to solve research problems of science and development of new technologies in telecommunications, electronics and communication systems.


The objectives of the educational program:

1. Study of the cycle of general disciplines to provide social and humanitarian education, and, namely, the formation of scientific knowledge, philosophical understanding of science and technology aspects of the mutual influence of science and other social phenomena, science of life issues on the basis of the laws of socio-economic development of society, modern information and communication technology, the driving force of scientific progress.

2. Study the cycle of basic disciplines for scientific, general technical knowledge as the foundation of vocational training and the formation of scientific and pedagogical potential of students.

3. The acquisition of skills and abilities performing technical calculations and justification of design solutions using modern information and communication tools.

4. The study of disciplines that form the knowledge and skills of planning and organization of theoretical and experimental studies.

5. Introduction to technological processes, organization, planning of scientific and experimental research and solve specific practical problems.