Speciality code:



Creative exam

The price for individuals:

510 000 KZT / 1 year

The price for legal entities:

715 000 KZT / 1 year

Preparation of bachelors on the specialty "Architecture" is held at the Department of Architecture (IMS, 409).

Specialists who received higher professional education in the specialty "Architecture" trained to model design solutions, assess problems and trends in the development of their professional sphere, to make industrial and technical decisions in the field of civil and industrial construction, urban planning and landscape architecture, restoration and reconstruction of historic buildings, architecture Interior and also for the organization of project work in the team.

To enter, the applicantspass two creative exams: scetching and drawing. For training on the shortened program in an accelerated time period, middle-level specialists, graduates of specialized secondary colleges can enter. At the department "Architecture" training is conducted by doctors and candidates of architecture, professors, associate professors and teachers with many years of experience.

At the university, students will be taught architectural graphics, academic drawing, modeling, painting, three-dimensional computer modeling, architectural and landscape design, urban planning.

Having acquired professional knowledge in the field of architectural design, specialists will be able to boldly transform the environment around us, design individual buildings, large complexes and large cities.

They will become highly paid architects, city planners and will be able to work in private architectural bureaus, elite construction companies or create their own architectural firm. Those who wish can continue their education in Master and PhD program studies.


Goals and objectives of the educational program "Architecture"


The purpose of professional activity is the formation of the human habitat, the functional structure for its professional activity - the development of estimate documentation of buildings, structures and their complexes, landscape and town-planning objects, architectural monuments, propaganda of architectural and town-planning achievements.


The tasks of professional activity are to solve the problems of architectural and construction design of residential, public buildings, their complexes, functional organization, constructive solutions, aesthetics and harmony of the designed facilities. The direction of professional activity is architectural and construction design, studying the experience of designing populated areas, civil buildings and promoting achievements in the field of architecture.

The content of professional activity - the development of estimate documentation, the implementation of production and technology activities, the historical and theoretical analysis of the performed work, their generalization and propaganda.


Requirements for a specialist in this specialty


Competencies of general education:

- to have basic knowledge in the field of natural science (social, humanitarian, economic) disciplines that contribute to the formation of a highly educated person with a broad outlook;

- Have the skills of using information technologies in the field of design;

- Possess the skills to acquire new knowledge necessary for professional work and continuing education in the magistracy.


Socio-ethical competencies:

- to know the social and ethical values ​​based on public opinion, traditions, customs, social norms and orient oneself to them in their professional activities;

- comply with the norms of business ethics, own ethical and legal standards of conduct;

- know the traditions and culture of the people of Kazakhstan;

- be tolerant to the traditions, culture of other nations of the world; Know the basics of the legal system and legislation of Kazakhstan; Know the trends of social development of society;

- be able to adequately navigate in various social situations;

- be able to work in a team, correctly defend one's point of view, offer new solutions;

- to be able to find compromises, to correlate your opinion with the opinion of the collective;

- strive for professional and personal growth.


Economic and organizational-managerial competencies:

- to have the basics of economic knowledge, to have scientific ideas about management and marketing in design;


Special Competencies:

A graduate of the specialty 5B042000 - "Architecture" is obliged:

- to know the socio-economic and political situations in the society;

orient in the trendsof development of the building culture;

- be able to independently make competent decisions in professional architectural activities;

- possess modern tools, methods and forms of architectural design (including, innovative (conceptual), and specialized types).

Documents for admission :

- The application for admission;;

- certificate of General secondary or diploma of primary vocational or secondary vocational education (original);

- 6 photos size 3x4;

- medical certificate on form 086-U;

- vaccination reports on form 063;

- flurography result;

- a document confirming the right of priority;

- certificate of UNT or complex testing

- the certificate on award of the grant (if any);;

- copy of identity document;

-  registration certificate (for young men) .


Also, applicants can apply for admission in online mode.

Online admission