Mineral Processing

Speciality code:



Chemistry - Physics

The price for individuals:

635 800 KZT / 1 year

The price for legal entities:

715 000 KZT / 1 year

The program “Mineral Processing” is intended for training specialists:
- of engineering, technical and research activities in the field of ore processing;
- working in the mining processing, metallurgical, gold and uranium industries;
- working in the customs, taxing, internal affair bodies, defense and security.

Objects of professional activity of graduates are washhouses, uranium mines, and metallurgical plants for processing precious metals, enterprises of the construction industry, research and design organizations. Higher and secondary special educational institutions (universities, institutes, colleges).

Minerals become useful only in case when accumulation methods of valuable minerals in ore are found. These methods of concentration are called mineral processing or mineralogy in the world practice.

Each year, minerals have becoming poorer. Consequently, with each passing year, the importance in the creation of enterprises for the enrichment of minerals increases.

The program aim: training of highly qualified specialists in the field of mineral processing.

The program objective: graduation of specialists with a set of necessary knowledge and skills.

Program mission: Providing a flexible educational process tailored to the individual needs and characteristics of students.

Program duration: Bachelor’s program - 4 years. Classes – week days.

Total credits: Bachelor’s program - 129 gratuitous education.

The total area of the department “Metallurgy and Mineral Processing” is more than 500 m2. The department has 10 training laboratories, training workshops, equipped with modern processing equipment.

Advantages of a program:

•     Classes in Kazakh and Russian

•     High quality of educational services provided

•     Diploma of one of the leading universities of Kazakhstan

•     Opportunity for career growth

•     Highly qualified professors and teaching staff

•     Individual approach to each student

•     Seminars and trainings of leading foreign teachers

•     Participation in research work of students

•     Foreign internship according to the master's program

At the end of each year students of the Bachelor’s program are sent to practice in the leading organizations and enterprises of the country. The department has 3 branches: JSC “Institute of Metallurgy and Processing”, State Research and Manufacturing Association of Industrial Ecology “Kazmechanobr” and Institute of High Technologies (IWT) “National Atomic Company Kazatomprom”. Students externship takes place at the enterprises of the corporations “Kazakhmys” and “Kazzinc”.

Documents for admission :

- The application for admission;;

- certificate of General secondary or diploma of primary vocational or secondary vocational education (original);

- 6 photos size 3x4;

- medical certificate on form 086-U;

- vaccination reports on form 063;

- flurography result;

- a document confirming the right of priority;

- certificate of UNT or complex testing

- the certificate on award of the grant (if any);;

- copy of identity document;

-  registration certificate (for young men) .


Also, applicants can apply for admission in online mode.

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