Standardization, Metrology and Certification

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Math - Physics

Bachelor in specialty 5B073200 - "Standardization, Metrology and Certification (by industry)" in accordance with the state license № KZ 56 LAA00005304 from 07.11.2015 year.

Educational program 5B073200 - "Standardization, Metrology and Certification (by industry)," focused on the preparation of bachelors in establishing, implementing and monitoring compliance with the rules, regulations and requirements for the product (service), process (work) and the system of the Development, Production, the use (consumption) and metrological provision aimed at high quality and safety of products and services, high economic efficiency for the producer and the consumer.

Targets of the education programm of "Standardization, Metrology and Certification (by industry)»:

  • Preparing graduates for the organizational activities of excluding the negative phenomena in the professional activity, the development of spiritual values, moral and ethical person, as a member of society, the execution right and the legal system of the Republic of Kazakhstan with a high level of professional culture, citizenship.
  • Preparing graduates for activities for continuous improvement and self-development, learn new knowledge, skills and abilities for innovative ways of development in various fields of production and services.
  • Provide training bachelors, who know the methods and principles of standardization, metrology and certification of security products (services) and processes (work).
  • Promote the acquisition of practical skills, use of measuring and test equipment for quality control and metrology products.
  • Forming students' teamwork skills, productive and ethical responsibility, ability to work and communicate with various specialists and the need to improve their knowledge and skills.
  • Preparing of students for professional careers through courses that provide fundamental knowledge and skills to work in education, in government, in the field of technical regulation and metrology.

Documents for admission :

- The application for admission;;

- certificate of General secondary or diploma of primary vocational or secondary vocational education (original);

- 6 photos size 3x4;

- medical certificate on form 086-U;

- vaccination reports on form 063;

- flurography result;

- a document confirming the right of priority;

- certificate of UNT or complex testing

- the certificate on award of the grant (if any);;

- copy of identity document;

-  registration certificate (for young men) .


Also, applicants can apply for admission in online mode.

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