Technical physics

Speciality code:



Math - Physics

The price for individuals:

635 800 KZT / 1 year

The price for legal entities:

715 000 KZT / 1 year

Program description

Technical physics is an area of ​​science and technology, which includes a set of means, methods and techniques of activities related to the research, development, creation and exploitation of new materials, technologies, instruments and devices.

Bachelors of the specialty“Technical Physics” will study the physical fundamentals of mechanics, electricity and magnetism, optics, atomic and nuclear physics, numerical methods in physics, methods of physical and technical experimentation, engineering and computer graphics and many other disciplines.

Goalof the program: training the specialists, who can apply physical knowledge the field of engineering sciences.

Objectives of the program: graduate bachelors who have the necessary knowledge and skills.

Mission of the program: provide a flexible educational process taking into account individual needs and characteristics of bachelors.

Duration of the program: 4 years or 8 academic terms.

Classes are held on weekdays.

Total number of credits: 129.

Free grant training, the cost is 635 800 tenge.


Advantages of the program:

• Providing each student a choice of courses and training modules.

• Training in Kazakh and Russian.

• Training some disciplines in English.

• Diploma of one of the leading universities of Kazakhstan.

• Opportunity for career growth.

• Highly qualified professional and teaching staff.

• Individual approach to each student.

• Attraction of leading foreign scientists and professors for lectures.

• Training laboratories are provided with modern equipment.

• Availability of practice base.

• Possibility to continue the education on the given specialty on Post-Graduate programs.

Practice in the Institute of Physics and Technology, National Nuclear Center, National Center of Space Research and Technology, KazNRI Energetics Center for Earth Sciences and Metallurgy, Institute of Radiology.




Documents for admission :

- The application for admission;;

- certificate of General secondary or diploma of primary vocational or secondary vocational education (original);

- 6 photos size 3x4;

- medical certificate on form 086-U;

- vaccination reports on form 063;

- flurography result;

- a document confirming the right of priority;

- certificate of UNT or complex testing

- the certificate on award of the grant (if any);;

- copy of identity document;

-  registration certificate (for young men) .


Also, applicants can apply for admission in online mode.

Online admission