Transport, transport technique and technology

Speciality code:



Math - Physics

The price for individuals:

635 800 KZT / 1 year

The price for legal entities:

715 000 KZT / 1 year

The President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev’s message "Nurly Jol - the path to the future" devoted to the development of Kazakhstan's economy, where special attention is given to the transport and logistic potential of the country.Today a transport is an important part of  Kazakhstan Republic industrial infrastructure.The geographical conditions of Kazakhstan, the vastness of the territory, the raw material structure of production and location of productive forces, poor infrastructure make the role of transport in the economy is extremely important. The transport industry of Kazakhstan is a fast developing sphere of the economy, production and technical capacity, which increasing steadily in recent years.


Purposes of the program:

Use of deep theoretical knowledge and practical experience in designing, manufacturing, testing, operating and repairing transport equipment.


The task of the program

Readiness bachelors - mechanics for professional activities in the transport complex and the development of their corporate skills in the design bureau, engineering and technical services and production units.

The mission is to achieve the provision of high quality educational services in the field of higher education, leadership in the national educational space for training personnel for the transport and logistics sector of the economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the implementation of the principles of the Bologna Process and modern international quality standards and reflects the University's commitment to providing high quality training through the integration of education, science and industry, strengthening the material and technical tion base and personnel potential of the university, the application of modern techniques and technologies in the educational process.


Duration of the program: 4 years (48 months) or 8 academic semesters


Format of classes: modular.

Classes are held on weekdays and weekends (Saturday).

At the end of the semester, students take the final exam.

The exam can be in writing or in test mode.

The training is conducted in the state and Russian languages.


Total number of credits: 138


Advantages of the program:

High quality of educational services provided

• Diploma of one of the leading universities of Kazakhstan

• Opportunity of career growth or continuation of training in a magistracy and in doctoral studies

• Highly qualified faculty

• Individual approach to every student

• Academic mobility


Academic mobility can be held in the following universities abroad: International Prague University, Prague, Czech Republic; Lublin Polytechnic University, Lublin, Poland; University of Applied Sciences named after Janos Kodolani, Sekesfehérvár, Hungary; Belostoksij Technical University, Belostok, Poland.


After fully mastering the theory, students move on to the final part of the undergraduate study, which includes the following components:

• Undergraduate practice

• Comprehensive exam

• Defense of the thesis

Documents for admission :

- The application for admission;;

- certificate of General secondary or diploma of primary vocational or secondary vocational education (original);

- 6 photos size 3x4;

- medical certificate on form 086-U;

- vaccination reports on form 063;

- flurography result;

- a document confirming the right of priority;

- certificate of UNT or complex testing

- the certificate on award of the grant (if any);;

- copy of identity document;

-  registration certificate (for young men) .


Also, applicants can apply for admission in online mode.

Online admission