Grant financing of scientific, scientific, and technical projects for 2018-2020

The Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan (further - MES RK) announces a competition for grant funding for research and (or) scientific-technical projects for 2018-2020 (fundamental and applied scientific research) on priority areas of development:

1. Rational use of natural, including water resources, geology, processing, new materials and technologies, safer products and structures;

2. Energy and mechanical engineering;

3. Information, telecommunications and space technologies, scientific research in the natural Sciences;

4. Health and life Sciences;

5. The scientific basis of "Mangilik El" (the education of the XXI century, fundamental and applied studies in the Humanities);

6. Sustainable development of agriculture and safety of agricultural products;

7. National security and defence (without security classification).

The deadline for receipt of applications – not later than 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of the last publication of the announcement of the competition.

Consolidated analytical Department

The Department of science and postgraduate programs, NK office #616, tel: 257-70-42

17 august 2017