Administrative department

Structure of Administrative department consists of:

  • Personnel department,
  • Office (Secretariat, Archive),
  • Department of legal support,
  • Department of development of the state language,
  • Sector of military accountancy


  • Formation of personnel policy according to the development strategy of University and definition of its realization measures;
  • Organization and providing effective system of administrative process of University;
  • Legal support of activity of University and protection of its legal interests;
  • General organization and coordination of activity of divisions of University for office-work in the state and Russian languages;
  • Providing accountancy and safety of documents of archival fund of University.

Main functions:

  • Formation and the accountancy of staff of personnel (including the military accountancy) according to the established requirements;
  • Improvement of system of document flow, control of high-quality paperwork, their timely passing and execution;
  • Documents acceptance on storage in archive, their systematization, output of archival references;
  • Representation of interests of the University in court, arbitration in accordance with the established procedure, claims work;
  • The translation of documentation of the University into the state and Russian languages.