Sub-department of Science and Postgraduate Programs

Sub-Department of Science and Postgraduate Programs is a structural division of the Consolidated Analytical Department.



Computational statistics and data analysis; development of International Standards (in accordance with the Bologna system) and embedding one into the education quality control system at KazNRTU named after K.I. Satpayev; processing and submission of the University data to the International accreditation and rating agencies. Monitoring, analysis, and forecasting of the scientific operational directions of the KazNRTU named after. K.I. Satpayev.


The main tasks of the department:

• Controlling, monitoring and maintaining of existing scientific research;

• Processing and submitting of the University data to the International accreditation and rating agencies;

• Gathering of the analyzed publication data for submitting the Information to the University’s leadership, and at the request of the Ministry of RK;

• Consolidating of analytical information of the University;

• Preparing of analytical and statistical materials and sending one to the Director of the Department;

• Following-up and coordinating of deadlines for submitting the reports sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

• Monitoring on implementation of the University’s development program;

• Controlling, monitoring and supporting of scientific research; consolidation of the analyzed publication data;

• Submitting of information on scientific articles’ publications in the rated State and International publications with high or zero impact factors (IF> 0.25)

• Record keeping in conformity with the internal regulations