Department of Labour Protection

The main functions of the Department of Labour Protection

- Internal control over the development and implementation of preventive measures to create a safe and healthy working conditions in the workplace,prevention of occupational accidents and diseases in the structural units of the organization,as well as the implementation of the obligations of the employer in the field of occupational safety and health according to the collective agreement

and compliance with workers legislation and other regulatory legal acts on labor protection and other legal acts of KazNRTU;

- Informing and consulting employees of the University, including its head of labor protection;

- Internal control over compliance with the established procedure for investigation and registration of accidents at work;

- The organization of training, testing knowledge on occupational safety and health at the University staff in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations on these issues, as well as control over the conduct of all kinds of briefings on occupational safety;

- To provide guidance to entities in the preparation of lists of professions and jobs for periodic medical examinations and examinations of workers employed in jobs with harmful and difficult working conditions, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Organization in cooperation with other services of certification of workplaces on working conditions;

- Monitoring and ensuring compliance with the order of investigation and registration of accidents and other damage workers' health, work-related departments in the university, as well as the implementation of measures to eliminate the causes that led to accidents in the workplace;

- Control over the timely and proper compensation to employees for the hard work and work in harmful or dangerous working conditions, including the issuance of preventive nutrition, milk, etc.;

- Review of orders to receive additional payments by employees working in hazardous working conditions by divisions;

- Execution of orders and instructions on the organization of occupational safety and health, acquisition, storage, disposal and repair work clothes, special shoes and other personal protective equipment.