Department of postgraduate education

Department of Postgraduate Education (DPE) is a structural subdivision of KazNRTU that manages the system of postgraduate training of Doctoral and Master degree students, as well as the system of upgrading the level of qualification of specialists.


DPE comprises of three divisions:

  • Monitoring division for Master’s programs;
  • Monitoring division for Doctoral programs;
  • Division for international corporate programs.


The objectives of the Department are:

  • to create required conditions for training of Doctoral and Master's degree students in accordance with the needs of the labor market, formation of an integrated educational environment for training of scientists;
  • to ensure that the level of personnel training at the university complies with the international quality standards and priority needs of the global labor market;
  • to assist specialists of large industrial enterprises, industries and other organizations, in the process of improving the level of qualification;
  • to establish international contacts and ensure partnership relations with representatives of the global educational community.