Corporate and international programs

The ICP sector of the Postgraduate Department provides education, training and consultancy as well as expert analysis and research services for individuals and legal entities in the private and public sector within the Republic of Kazakhstan and overseas.


  • ICP sector offers complete training program for upgrading qualification and specializations, both at our facility and at the customer’s location to conduct hands-on programs.
  • We hold training courses for technical programs that provides state-of-the-art technology and are in great demand. This provides an opportunity to be trained through the program and we may also provide tailor cut program of specific nature.
  • We provide internship organized in specialty, the trajectory and the specific nature of your education level.
  • ICP sector holds courses to upgrade teachers’ qualification of technical universities, colleges and vocational training schools.
  • Medium of instruction is conducted in three languges - Kazakh, Russian or English.
  • Advisory services are provided at our Institutions:
    • School of Geology, Oil and Gas Engineering
    • School of Mining and Metallurgy
    • School of Industrial Engineering
    • School of Information and Telecommunication Technologies
    • School of Architecture and Construction
    • School of Economics and Business
    • Engineering School of High Technologies
    • School of Base Education after A. Mashani
    • School of Distance Education
    • School of Chemical Engineering.
  • University’s expert assessment, analysis and directions on scientific research are provided on any of the projects in accordance with the activities of the above mentioned institutions. Should you have a project, a program or scientific experiments requiring  experts’ consulting, please contact us.