Center after A.Mashani

Work of the Center after A.Mashani is directed on transfer of a heritage of great scientists and thinkers of the East, in which number and al-Mashani – the graduate of university and the geomechanics founder – new branch of a science about the Earth. The director of the center the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor Sh. Abdraman.

The focus of interest of the scientist was wide enough is a writing of textbooks on geological disciplines in the Kazakh language, drawing up of the Russian-Kazakh dictionary of mountain-geological terms, a writing of science-fiction products, science popularization. Center problems include work with manuscripts of al-Mashani, the honored worker of a science of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, a member-correspondent of AN KazSSR, the founder of a new scientific direction in a mountain science – geomechanics. Professor A.Z.Mashanov – the initiator of studying of a heritage of great thinker East Abu-Nasyr-al-Farabi. At the initiative of UNESCO the 100 anniversary of Akzhana Mashani was widely marked in 2006. Multivolume works of the scientist have been published.


Abdraman Shamshiden Abdramanuly
The director of center Al-Mashani, the doctor of pedagogical sciences, the professor.

The main educational campus, office №519 
Contact phone: 292-28-98 (internal 73-57)