AUT 20 VijeoCitect supervisory control system: basic course


Duration 3 days

24 h 9 h - theoretical information

15 h - practical exercises



Course Content

Principles of organization of the VijeoCitect system - "Client-server" concept, server types

- Observer, components of the project

- Project management

- Computer Setup Wizard. Establishing communication with controllers

- Tags, their types and rules for the formation of their names

- Communication Wizard, types of communication devices

- Basic capabilities of OFS (OPCFactoryServer)

- GraphicBuilder connection testing, menu, tool palette

- Types of animation when working with graphics

- Data entry - operator commands

- ActiveX control

- Import of graphic images, creation of user libraries

- Using and creating genies

- Pop-ups and supergenies

- ProjectEditor page templates and its menu system

- Devices and data log files

- Developments

- Alarms

- Configuring and displaying trends

- ProcessAnalyst Configuring and displaying reports

- Ensuring access rights




AUT 105 Features of the hardware of the Modicon BMXM340 controller


Duration 1 day 8 hours

5 hours - theoretical information

3 h - demonstration of equipment

ModiconM340 controller architecture  course content

- CPU Modules and Discrete and Analog I / O Modules

- Timestamp and Quick Account modules

- Communication and other modules

- Multitasking operating system. Maintenance of ModiconM340 controllers

- Placing and mounting the controller baskets

- Grounding of baskets and power modules - Removal and installation of I / O modules, hot swappable modules

- Installation / removal of external module connections

- Diagnosis of faults during external inspection of modules

- Consideration of the most common operating errors




AUT 106 Configuration Features of the Modicon BMXM340 Controller



Duration 1 day 8 hours

4 h - theoretical information

4 hours - hands-on training

Course Content

The main features of the UnityPro programming system

- Installation of the system

- Using animation tables

- Diagnosis of software and hardware faults in controller operation. Configuring ModiconM340 controllers

- Multitasking operating system

- Restarting the controller, loading, synchronizing controllers

- Memory allocation, system words and bits

- Configuring I / O channels

- Diagnostics of input / output channels



AUT 120 UnityPro application development environment (base course)



Duration 3 days 24 hours

9 h - theoretical information

15 hours - practical lessons

Course Content

Main features of the UnityPro system

- Installation of the system

- Access rights editor, user profiles

- Menus and windows, modes of operation, project settings

- Built-in data types and variables

- IEC programming languages

- Using elements from FFB libraries

- Controller modeling subsystem

- Documenting the project Enhanced features of the UnityPro system

- Creating DFB Derivatives

- Working with derived data types

- Derived I / O data types

- Development of operator screens. Features of the UnityPro system online

- Using animation tables

- Controlling the operating modes of the controller

- Forcing I / O, internal variables

- Diagnosis of the controller

- Using the operator screens



CI-03 Programming and operation of ZelioLogic controllers



Duration 3 days

24 h 6 h - theoretical information

18 hours - practical lessons

Course Content

Characteristics, nomenclature, keys Setup menu and modes of operation Language of ladder logic

- I / O designation, intermediate bits

- Using the controller keys

- Functional blocks

- Analog signals, analog comparators Features ZelioSoft

- Parameters of function blocks

- Ladder charts

- Presentation of the program in FBD

- Debugging the program in simulation mode

- Preparing messages for display

- Organization of communication "controller-computer"

- Debugging programs in ZelioSoft

- Debugging the program in monitoring mode Communication capabilities - Modbus protocol

- Ethernet

- Communication interface, communication configuration, GSM and RTS modems

- Using a switching unit to send and receive messages to a mobile phone and a computer. Diagnose the controller



AUT 124 Industrial Ethernet communications for Modicon BMX M340 controllers



Duration 1 day 8 hours

4 h - theoretical information

4 hours - hands-on training

Course Content

Industrial Ethernet networks

- Physical planning and placement

- Basic network structures

- Ring topology backup

- Selection of network components (copper and optical communication channels)

- Basic concepts of the Modbus protocol stack


- Basic concepts of the Ethernet protocol stack

- IP Ethernet in Modicon M340 controllers

- Library of communication functions Unity Pro

- CPUs with Ethernet

- coprocessors, communication Ethernet

- processors

- Configuring Ethernet networks in the UnityPro tool environment

- Functionality of Ethernet modules

- Features of working with Ethernet gateways

- Modbus