KazFEC has two computer classes and three laboratories:

- Study of electric power systems;

- Automated systems;

- Design and installation of electrical circuits.


1) The laboratory "Investigation of electric power systems" is designed for training on real physical models for the generation, transformation and distribution of electrical energy.

The laboratory is equipped with systems that allow providing energy saving studies aimed at developing and introducing new methods and devices in the production and housing and communal services that are characterized by high energy efficiency, to investigate the quality of electricity under various electrical loads.


2) Laboratory "Automated systems" is designed for teaching modern methods and means of automatic control of technological processes and power complexes on the basis of control computers.

The laboratory is equipped with modern programmable logic controllers Modicon, Premium,

The research direction is development of information and software of automation systems.


3) Laboratory "Design and installation of electrical circuits" is designed to teach the design, installation and adjustment of low-voltage power systems.

In the laboratory, students can perform electrical wiring with their own hands, this laboratory is oriented to the students of the college, as well as to carry out the training practice for students of the specialty 050718 - Power Engineering, after which the students will be issued a certificate and a certificate "Second-category electrician".