KazNRTU - the leading technical higher educational institution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in which the specialists of higher engineering and technical education are trained for the main branches of the country's economy. KazNRTU was founded in 1934, it unites 11 institutes, in which 41 educational activities are provided. More than 15,000 students study at the university.


KazNRTU signed the Great Bologna Charter of Universities.


 KazNRTU tends to transformations corresponding to the status of an innovative university and sets itself the following tasks:

- Conformity of the level of qualification of university graduates to labor market requirements in the field of energy, electrical engineering and maintenance of automated systems;

- Continuous training of teachers;

- Improvement of educational programs on the basis of cooperation with industrial enterprises of Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries;

- Realization of scientific activity.



Schneider Electric


Schneider Electric is a world-wide company in the field of energy management, offers integrated solutions that provide a higher level of safety, reliability, efficiency and productivity for energy and infrastructure markets, industry, data management centers and networks, buildings and residential sectors. With a wider scope of energy management activities, Schneider Electric makes energy: Safe - Reliable - Effective - Productive.

Schneider Electric is represented by the subsidiary company Schneider Electric Kazakhstan.



Ministry of National, Higher Education and Research of France



The Directorate of European and International Relations and Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as DREIC) MENESR, coordinates and organizes the development of exchange and cooperation between different education systems of different countries.

Department of "International Mobility, Networks and Promotion of professional education" DREIC fulfills a special task of developing international cooperation in the field of professional education systematically based on cooperation "Higher School - Enterprise".


Supported by:

Embassy of France in Kazakhstan

The Department of Culture and Cooperation of the Embassy of France in the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter referred to as the Embassy), pursues a policy aimed at bringing the two countries closer in the sphere of culture, higher education and science, as well as linguistic diversity. In the "Higher Education" section, the Embassy pays special attention to technical education and professional training.