Chemists of Satbayev University reached impressive successes

The research work of academic staff of the Institute of Chemical and Biological Technologies, A.G. Zazybin and senior lecturer K.S. Rafikova, including the experience of many years of research on the use of metal-containing ionic liquids has been published in the high-ranking scientific journal "Success of Chemistry", which is part of "Thomson Reuters" database, and has an impact factor of 4.058.

Unique research for Kazakhstan in the field of synthesis and application of ionic liquids as biologically active substances and catalysts has been carried out since 2013 on the chair "Chemical Technologies of Organic Substances and Polymers" of Satbayev University under the supervision of Professor A.G. Zazybin and senior lecturer K.S. Rafikova.

Metal-containing ionic liquids are extremely important for chemists and engineers. They can be used both as a medium and catalysts for the synthesis of various compounds, the catalytic systems based on metal-containing ionic liquids not only exhibiting high activity and selectivity, they can also be regenerated and reused without loss of activity.

Ionic liquids have important for practical applications properties, such as non-volatility, incombustibility, good solubility, high electrical conductivity. Compared with traditional organic solvents, they have minimal impact on the environment and meet the basic principles of "green" chemistry.

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8 february 2018