Internship in the production of young teachers - the way to improve pedagogical skills

A week-long internship at the end of December 2017, have been the lecturers of the Department "Life Safety" Sadvakasov E. and Isakanova A. in Karaganda at the mine named after Kostenko.

Within a week they got acquainted with normative-technical documentation and were briefed on safety, comprehensively examined the plan of liquidation of emergencies at the mine. This week they three times, accompanied by experienced workers descended into the mine to a depth of 640 m. They saw with their own eyes the working conditions of miners, the work of coal combines, and the means of alerting dangerous concentrations of methane. In their "skin" they experienced the difficulties of mining work - terrible drafts, overhanging roof, buckling, in the most unexpected places of rock mass, passages where it was literally necessary to overcome distances by crawling, etc., and of course, with nothing incomparable path to the day surface , shower and high-calorie meals in the dining room.

Earlier, at one of the meetings, the drafting of strategic development plan of the Department, one of the ways to improve the quality of training of students were recognized as planned, without compromising the educational process, training of young teachers in the production, and was chosen such industry as mining, for which it obtained the consent of the mine to them Kostenko in Karaganda. It is planned to conclude agreements on training faculty of the Eurasian energy Corporation and TCO.

5 february 2018