Satbayev University representatives in International Exhibition for Advanced Water Technologies (Amsterdam)

The 26th International Exhibition on Technologies of Water Treatment, Drinking Water and Wastewater Treatment "Aquatech Water Week 2017" was held in Amsterdam (Netherlands). Aquatech Amsterdam - the leading international exhibition of the processes of preparation and treatment of drinking and waste water. For 50 years of the exhibition, since 1964, the brand of the Aquatech exhibition has become world-famous and now under this name exhibitions are held in India, China, together with the North American association WQA - in the US. Within the framework of the exhibition, conferences and seminars were held in the above areas, in which the professor of the Department of Chemical Technologies of the School of Chemical and Biological Technologies S.Myrzalieva and bachelor students of the specialty “Chemical technology of organic substances” Rakhatbekova Anar and Kinayatova Madina have been participated.

Students shared their impressions of the exhibition and the presented technological solutions for water purification.

"During the exhibition we got acquainted with many representatives of companies, shared their research and received feedback from experts. The exhibition showed new opportunities in solving environmental problems and resource-saving issues. But the most important thing is that we determined for ourselves by visiting the exhibition that it is necessary to introduce the world experience in technology of wastewater treatment and water treatment in Kazakhstan. But, first of all, we must take care of our water resources more carefully, " Madina and Anar said.

7 december 2017