Satbayev University scientists at the international level

Professor of the Department "Chemical Technologies" of the School of Chemical and Biological Technologies Zazybin A.G. took part in the 4th international conference "Ionic Liquid-based Materials" (ILMAT IV) on October 24-27, 2017. at the University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain.This international scientific meeting was attended by 175 scientists from 18 countries.

This is the fourth conference, which gives specialists in the field of synthesis and application of ionic liquids the opportunity to exchange ideas and report the results of their research. Previous 3 conferences were held in Vienna (2011), Montpellier (2013), Berlin (2015), and the next conference in 2019 is scheduled to be held in Paris.

Nowadays, ionic liquids are using in both laboratory and industrial applications. In 2013, PetroChina launched the first industrial petrochemical enterprise based on the use of ionic liquids in the alkylation process. Currently, the company uses ionic liquids as a medium and catalyst to produce 65,000 tons of gasoline per a year from isobutane and isobutylene. Ionic liquids are also uses for thin coatings of complex shape products, in organic synthesis as a substitute for traditional solvents (ionic liquids are non-volatile and practically non-flammable), for fuel desulfurization and in medicine.

Investigations in the field of ionic liquids are also actively carried out in the Satbayev University, in the team of Professor Zazybin with the active participation of staff (senior lecturer Rafikova Kh.S.), students and undergraduates of the university. Currently, projects on the use of catalysts based on ionic liquids and on the production of new ionic liquids possessing biological activity are being implemented. Professor Zazybin A.G. had an oral speech, in which he reported his research in the field of synthesis and biological activity of ionic liquids. His research group received interesting data illustrating the high local anesthetic activity of some recently synthesized ionic compounds, both in terms of activity and duration of exposure, these compounds are superior to currently used molecular (non-ionic) analogs. Also, candidate substances were identified for further development on their basis of new growth stimulators for the agrochemical complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The report aroused interest among scientists, points of contact were found for the development of further cooperation in the field of studying the properties of ionic liquids between SU and the University of San Jorge (Spain).


9 december 2017