Teachers of KazNRTU visited the KazFerroSteel factory

Teachers of KazNRTU visited the KazFerroSteel factory

A meeting of teachers KazNRTU named after K.I. Satpayev with top management of KazFerroSteel factory took place in August 18, 2017. The delegation of KazNRTU was acquainted with the production and met with the management of the factory to discuss cooperation. The parties signed a memorandum of cooperation that guarantees jobs for the students and undergraduates of KazNRTU. Another area of ​​cooperation is the holding of scientific experiments at the factory.

Teachers of KazNRTU visited the "KazFerroSteel" factory

The KazFerroSteel factory processes scrap and waste of low-alloy ferrous metals and produces shaped profiles for general and industrial purposes. Technological lines of the new reconstructed factory are equipped with modern equipment and cleaning plants, each contains more than 2000 filters.

Expanding production requires a large number of metallurgical and power engineers. The factory provides the best conditions for the personnel; new employees must pass the whole cycle of qualification. The Master's degree students will closely cooperate with the factory, prepare the degree work based on the experience gained there and will go to work at the KazFerroSteel. The factory also will provide job placement for the best bachelor students.

28 august 2017