The participation of the teaching staff and students at the conference "Information Security Code"

The "Information Security Code" conference, taking place in 6 countries and 27 cities this year, was held on February 1, 2018 in Almaty, where specialist  and experts in the field of cybersecurity took part. Among the experts were Ruslan Abdikalikov, the Ministry of Defense and Aerospace Industries, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Information Security (Astana), Arman Abdrasilov (Tsarka, Astana), Victor Pokusov (Kazakhstan Association of Information Security, Almaty). In the section "Technologies", the leading developers presented their IS solutions: ESET, SearchInform, StaffCop. Evgeni Klimov moderated the section, and in his report told how "sandboxes" help in protecting against targeted attacks and viruses. The last section was the "Hot Ten IB Code." There was a lot of interactive, questions from the audience, councils and cases from speakers, a free exchange of experience. The result of the discussion was TOP-10 of the main IB problems by the version of the IB-community of Almaty and the options for their solution. It should be noted that the conference helped IB specialists not only in solving urgent issues, but also in forming the perspective of public-private partnership in the interests of the IB of Kazakhstan.

The participation in such events for teachers and students of the specialty of the "Information security systems" is of great practical importance and possibilities for further cooperation of the department with manufacturing companies in the field of information security and employment of graduates.

13 february 2018